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Substance Misuse Services – Get it right for your business

Is your existing provider of Substance Misuse Services providing what you want or do you feel you have been deceived on Cost, Sample Turnaround, and Training. Hall and Angus will procure the right service for your needs. We will: Enhance your SLA with the right Laboratories. Agree and manage the KPI’s with the Lab. We … Continued

Pre-employment Drug Testing

With more and more companies drug testing why would you want to take someone else’s rejects? Are your pre-employment protocols strong enough? By accepting substance and alcohol mis-users you are incurring a significant on-cost. Studies have shown the cost of employing a substance mis-user is estimated at £7,000 to 10,000 per-annum. Do you want to … Continued

Drug Driving – Successful Prosecutions Increase by 724%

Did you know since the introduction of the Drug Driving Act successful prosecutions have increased by 724% and are rising? Are you culpable as a manager? Have you been trained to avoid prosecution? Are your staff aware of their responsibilities? What is an Aid and Abet drug driving offence? How does it impact on business? … Continued

Law change makes Spice and Mamba controlled as class B drugs

Users of newly criminalised drugs, Spice and Mamba face arrest as Police raise awareness of a law change, classing synthetic cannabis as a Class B controlled drug. The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 has been changed to include synthetic cannabinoids, a substance which mimics the effects of cannabis and are more commonly known as Spice … Continued

Recent upgrade to the Insurance Act

The recent upgrade to the Insurance Act as of the 12th August 2016 places greater emphasis on the insured to give a fair presentation of their business to insurers.

Insurance Act 2015

Did you know that a specific element of the 2015 Insurance Act was activated on the 12th August 2016?

Walk in Testing Facility

H&A announces its new walk-in test collection facility at its Finchale headquarters.