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About H&A 24/7

H&A 24/7 was created to support our sister company Hall & Angus Ltd (details below). The purpose of H&A 24/7 is to provide quality products into the workplace where bulk buying prices have been achieved to the benefit of small, medium and large companies in whichever sector they operate.

Our business to business ecommerce provision allows for our clients to buy a variety of workplace countermeasures to substance & alcohol misuse / abuse from a respected source. Each of the countermeasures we have provided for sale have been tried and tested in the field and have evolved as some of the very best of what is available. Our supply chain has gone through the most rigorous compliance registrations available in the UK today, these products work and are under constant scrutiny.

NOTE: Some of our products are indicated as healthcare products and are used by local authorities or within treatment programme providers. Those products are not suitable to workplace application.

We have an ongoing development programme to increase our consumer products that are either in demand or we have designed and manufactured for a specific purpose.

Hall & Angus Ltd (H&A) provides for the total management of a client’s substance & alcohol misuse / abuse programme by delivering years of experience in the subject and applying it to your business activity with your cooperation. We will guide you and your team through every avenue of the complex subject of Workplace Substance and Alcohol Misuse so that a legally defensible, cost efficient programme is provided for your benefit, the benefit of your employees and their families.

H&A works closely with a variety of UKAS17025 and FDA approved laboratories who have specific qualities. You will not be tied to a single service provider and we will make sure you have the most appropriate test medium (matrix) used in the correct circumstances;

  • Not all urine testing is the same.
  • Not all saliva testing is the same.
  • Not all hair testing is the same.
  • Not all breath testing is the same.

We are the professionals who will respectfully advise what you need and when you should use it.



The availability of both our companies is designed to help you, help your company, help your colleagues.